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Citrus Honey Manicure - $20
Complete with a citrus sugar scrub and a honey mask.

Gel Polish Manicure - $30
Extend your manicure with any of our gel polishes.

Hot Oil Manicure with Lavender Paraffin - $35
Includes the citrus scrub and a paraffin treatment

Minx Manicure - $50
A full manicure with a foil film nail covering that lasts much longer than polish but not as harsh to the nails as overlays.

Cool Mint Pedicure - $30
Complete with a spearmint foot scrub and hot stone foot massage that brings feet to life.

Citrus Honey Pedicure - $40
Includes the citrus scrub, honey masks and hot stone foot massage.

Gello Pedicure - $55
Soak your feet in a jello foot bath that relieves tired, achy, callused feet, leaving skin soft and new.

Minx Pedicure - $65
Enjoy our cool mint pedicure with a foil nail covering application that lasts much longer than polish.

Glycolic Pedicure - $85
This pedicure includes the lavender paraffin treatment and is ideal for severely dry, callused feet that need to remove layers of  tough skin.